The breatheLIFE Pulmonary Program is a certification process for caregivers of patients with pulmonary diseases and disorders. The goals of the program are improved care, empowerment, self-management and sustained wellness for patients by identifying problems or changes quickly, and keeping those patients from having to return to a hospital.

Here are a few more details about breatheLIFE:

  • Rigorous process requiring about 60 days to complete
  • Involves staff throughout facility, from nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists to Administration, Chaplains and others
  • Defined programs for multiple pulmonary conditions
  • Nurses undergo education for: respiratory anatomy, physiology, assessment and patient care, treatment/interventions, other topics
  • Licensed staff must complete competencies related to tracheostomy tubes, chest tubes or other acute pulmonary issues and chronic conditions
  • Nursing Assistants undergo education to identify at-risk patients; they will learn to identify signs and symptoms of changes in conditions related to pulmonary problems and disorders
  • Discharged patients provided with informational materials and education, taught by licensed staff, to promote empowerment, self-management and sustained wellness