A Five-Star Rating can be a resource in choosing a center, but it doesn’t always tell the complete story.

For example, Jefferson Manor is currently a one-star center and that rating is based on a deficiency that occurred in 2017, over three years ago. Since that time, Signature Healthcare at Jefferson Manor has only had one complaint survey that found one minor concern. Due to the current pandemic, the annual health inspections stopped which means that the previous survey from back in 2017 remains which is the only reason we continue to be a one star overall today. When the survey process reopens, our star rating will increase. Our Quality Measures, that look at different clinical metrics and our staffing, are both three stars.

This pandemic has brought many challenges to nursing centers and one of those that have been in the spotlight in the news is infection control. Jefferson Manor has had five Infection Control Surveys and five emergency preparedness surveys since the beginning of the pandemic, and we were found to be in substantial compliance with no deficiencies, in every one of these surveys! That is a significant accomplishment in light of our current situation we are all faced with today. A 100% Deficiency Free Survey shows that all services provided at our Jefferson Manor facility meet or exceed all state and federal standards and the overall environment of the facility is at the highest level required and, in some cases, exceeds those requirements. The CMS state surveys include interviews, observation, and the review of records and policies.

Bottom line, a facility is often much more than a star rating. Don’t think that a five-star rating tells the entire story, because you can easily be missing out on a fantastic building! Jefferson Manor is one of the many with a greater story to tell, with a group of dedicated individuals that give their heart and soul every single day!

Amy Brown